How To Join

Phi Delta Epsilon has three types of membership: Premedical, Medical, and Graduate.

Interested in becoming a member of the fraternity during undergraduate/ medical school?

Premedical or Medical students interested in becoming members of PhiDE must join a chapter of PhiDE on their campus and go through the recruitment process of that chapter. To discover if a chapter at your University already exists or is active, please email or check out the link at the bottom of the page of our active chapters.

*Students that graduate from a premedical PhiDE chapter in good standing are automatically guaranteed Fraternity membership during medical school. 

No chapter at your medical school? No Problem!

Join as an individual Medical Student Member and recieves all the benefits.


Start your own PhiDE Chapter

The Philosophy: Work hard and play hard

Through a host of planned activities during the academic year, students develop the leadership and professional skills, which complement a basic understanding of medical science. When the time comes to apply for medical school and to match for residency, active membership in PhiDE is evidence of that a student is well rounded and motivated. There are also many chapter activities to help relieve the stress of studying.

Not only does PhiDE prepare students professional and academically– the PhiDE social scene can’t be beat. Intramural sports, group study sessions, banquets, ski trips and Sunday brunches with area doctors – There is something for everyone. PhiDE members have many opportunities to develop relationships on both a personal and professional level that last a lifetime.

Benefits of Membership

International Live Educationals

One of PhiDE's core values is education. Members of Phi Delta Epsilon receive the benefit of attending live sessions on the latest topics and get to ask questions to experts across the world.

Some recent topics were: Social Determinants of Health/ Mental Health in Medicine/ Say Yes to The White Coat: MD vs DO vs Caribbean schools/ How To Prepare for Medical School/ The Residents Series/ Gap Year/ And much more...


As a PhiDE Member you will have access to several discounts on educations study prep, traveling, insurance and much more. Check out our partners we have discounts through below.


Phi Delta Epsilon believes in the importance of a leadership continuum through important programs such as our Mentor Exchange. In this six-month program, PhiDE premedical and medical students are paired together to set goals, discuss medical topics, celebrate each other, create new relationships, and more. This is a great example of Fraternity in action.


PhiDE has mobilized its most important resource – the membership – PhiDE connects its medical student members with its premedical students, practicing physicians, and emeritus members – a network of more than 35,000 members through whom the medical and premedical student members can gain first-hand information about the medical profession. Member have access to this database at any moment with their online membership database login on Greektrack.

Medical Chapters

The PhiDE Medical Program: PhiDE addresses the needs of medical students

Join your Universtiy's PhiDE chapter. If there is no chapter at your school you can join as an individual member and still recieve all the membership benefits!

Phi Delta Epsilon was founded in 1904 as a professional fraternity supporting the need for camaraderie and mentoring among medical students. Since then, the membership has changed dramatically but the mission and objectives of our organization remain the same. PhiDE is committed to supporting a new generation of physicians.The fundamental objectives of PhiDE medical programs are to provide the resources and information to assist the medical students in making an informed choice in selecting medicine as a career, deciding which specialty to pursue, and preparing for residency training and the practice of medicine.

Premedical Chapters

The PhiDE Premedical Program: PhiDE addresses the needs of premedical students


Cognizant of the need for information and support among premedical students, PhiDE eagerly accepted the call to assist the undergraduate students interested in a career in medicine. In 1994, Phi Delta Epsilon embarked on the development of our premedical program. Membership in the Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity is now open to undergraduate students considering a career in the practice of medicine and actively pursuing a medical curriculum.The fundamental objectives of the PhiDE premedical program are to provide the resources and information to assist the undergraduate students in making an informed choice in selecting medicine as a career, deciding which medical school to attend, and preparing for medical school and the practice of medicine.

For More Information

For more information about a chapter at your university, please email

For a historic list of all Phi Delta Epsilon chapters